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How we care for you.

We at Bonanza Bean are committed to the success of our customers. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and care for all of our customers every step of the process. People rely on us to produce quality beans and we promise to deliver that. We will do whatever we can to aid you and your business. We know how hectic life can be and we want to help alleviate some of those stressors, at least when it comes to your beans. With our friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and thoughtful staff, your experience will be a positive one.

Best Quality, High Standards

Bonanza Bean's focus is to produce and process delicate, dry edible beans. We are committed to every part of the process, utilizing state of the art equipment, and contracting with local farmers to deliver high quality beans.


Our employees uphold the highest standards from maintaining stringent food safety guidelines to plant cleanliness.


Bonanza Bean has a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan that ensures the highest food safety standards. This in conjunction with a 3rd party audit that guarantees our beans are "Simply the Best"

Federal Licensing

Bonanza Bean is one of the few edible bean facilities in the industry, licensed by the Federal Government under the United States Warehouse Act. This act allows banks to give loans to farmers based on the security of crops as collateral. This licensing will offer you and your beans great protection.

Processing Services We Offer

Bonanza Bean is a modern, state of the art facility utilizing the latest in technology and equipment that allows us to gently handle all beans. Our simple and streamlined plant is easy to keep clean and reduces human errors and any damage to the product. Each bean is passed through a color sorter and under a magnet to ensure the utmost bean quality and consumer safety.


Every product that leaves our facility meets government standards. Which is the highest standards in the industry. With totes ranging from 50 to 3,000 pounds, Bonanza Bean can deliver a large supply of beans with small company service by truck, train, or sea!!

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